Parking conditions at Hotel Allinge

Are you travelling to Bornholm by car and are you staying at Hotel Allinge, there are different kinds of free parking at the hotel. Either in front of the hotel close to the reception desk – or in our backyard behind the hotel.

And if you are traveling by electric car, you can borrow a charging card for your car.

Two parking lots – free of charge

Hotel Allinge has two parking lots that can be used by the hotel guests free of charge. The first and little one is situated at the front of the hotel, close to the reception desk, towards Storegade.

The other, larger parking lot is located behind the hotel in the two backyards – and can be accessed via Søndergade.

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Charge your electric car at Hotel Allinge

Are you coming to Bornholm and Hotel Allinge by electric car, you can charge your car at our hotel.

Ask for the charging card at the reception desk, and pay for the amount of kilowatt hours. We have a charging station of 2 x 11kW (type 2). If you don’t have your own charging cable, you often can borrow one from the reception desk.

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