Experiences on Bornholm – useful tips and suggestions here

Bornholm is an island with plenty of opportunity for many good experiences. Hotel Allinge is always ready to give you useful suggestions and ideas for experiences on Bornholm.

Stop by our reception desk and ask us about options and suggestions. Also contact us by phone or email, if you want to plan special excursions and experiences for your holiday.

Here we have listed a few experiences, but of course there are many more. Welcome to Bornholm – the island of experiences.

Experience the rocky coast and sandy beaches

Hotel Allinge is located in the center of Allinge, on the northern part of Bornholm.

The coastline at Allinge is rather rocky and a lot of cliffs. The cozy beach Næs is located a short distance from the hotel, with both a sandy beach and cliffs, and which many locals use for a morning dip.

Close to Allinge town is Sandvig town. Sandvig has its own beautiful sandy beach with a jetty.

Suggestions for walks in nature

From Næs Strand in Allinge, it is a good 3 km south to Sandkås along the coastal path. This path continues around Bornholm.

Hotel Allinge is also within walking distance of the harbour. There are good conditions for a walk towards Sandvig and Hammeren, which for example leads past the rock carvings at Madsebakke.

See the link below to the Nature Agency’s leaflet on other walks on Bornholm.

Northern Bornholm & Hammershus Almindingen Forest Madsebakke rock carvings (DK)

Suggestions for cycling tours on Bornholm

Bornholm is a perfect island for cycling. If you experience Bornholm by bike, you will get closer to the island’s beautiful and varied nature than if you would sit in a car or a bus.

We are part of the Bornholm Outdoor Friends and can e.g. give you some useful suggestions for cycling routes. You can also rent a bicycle from us.

Get more information on our page about cycling holidays on Bornholm.

Read more here Read more about Outdoor Friends

Discover Bornholm’s northernmost point Hammerknuden

From Allinge, it’s not far to Sandvig, where the Hammerknuden starts. Go for a hike and enjoy views you wouldn’t think were in Denmark. This is also where Hammershus castle ruin is located.

From Hammerhavnen (Sæne Havn) there is an exciting boat trip along the rocky coast to e.g. rock cave Våde Ovn (Wet Oven).

Hammerhavnen’s boat service

Hammershus: Visit Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin

Hammershus Castle dates from the 13th century and is located on the northernmost part of Bornholm. The ruin is always worth a historical visit.

In connection with Hammershus is the newly built visitor centre, where the view of Hammershus and the rocky coast is completely unique.

The visitor center is donated by A.P. Møller Fonden, opened in 2018 and the building has already achieved international recognition and won international architectural competitions.

Find out more here:

Hammershus history Hammershus Visitor Center

Christiansø: Visit a real sea fortress in the Baltic Sea

Christiansø and Frederiksø, plus a few uninhabited islets – this is Denmark’s easternmost point. And it is here the Danish king Christian V in 1684 built the sea fortress Christiansø to defend Denmark’s interests in the Baltic Sea area.

Today you can visit the old sea fortress with Christiansøfarten’s ferry from Gudhjem. The crossing takes approx. 1 hour – and then you can experience a centuries old atmosphere of pirates and soldiers.

Book ferry tickets More about Christiansø

Play golf on Bornholm

Bornholm is an obvious holiday destination for golfers. The island has four golf courses: Two in Rø, one in Rønne and one in Nexø. There is max. 30 minutes drive to the courses, that are challenging and very different in difficulty.

Hotel Allinge is happy to put together your unique golf holiday.

Get more information at the link below.

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Gourmet Bornholm: Eat delicious food made from local ingredients

On Bornholm you can enjoy gourmet food that is produced and made from fresh Bornholm ingredients. Enjoy a dining experience at Restaurant Nordlandet, Stammershalle or Vingården Lille Gadegård.

You can also buy and perhaps taste a bit of Bornholm at Is Kalas, Torvehal Bornholm, Svaneke Bryghus and Krogsholm Frugt. Find out more about these places here:

Lille Gadegård Sandvig Is Kalas Market Hall Bornholm Krogsholm Frugt Svaneke Brewery

Listen to music on Bornholm

On Bornholm you can enjoy all kinds of music.

Experience a rock concert near Hammershus, a unique music festival experience at Wonderfestiwall or a classical concert in one of Bornholm’s churches.

Throughout July, Gæstgiveren in Allinge offers a large music program with the top names of the time.

Read more by clicking on the links below

Gæstgiveren Wonderfestiwall Bornholms Musikfestival