Charge your electric vehicle at Hotel Allinge

Hotel Allinge has a charging station for the hotel guests’ electrical vehicles.

Ask for the charging card at the reception desk.

Charge your EV at Hotel Allinge

We have a charging station with 2 sockets, that each can give up to 11 kW.

There is no start or blocking fee. One kWh is DKK 4,25. Use your own type 2 charging cable (the reception desk has a spare cable in case you don’t have your own).

Ask for the charging card at the reception desk.

Welcome to Bornholm.

Find all public chargers on Bornholm here

Parking at Hotel Allinge

Are you traveling to Bornholm by car and are staying at Hotel Allinge, there are two different – free – parking lots to choose between.

The first one I just outside of our reception desk, the other one is in our backyard.

Read more here

Here you can find public charging stations for electric vehicles on Bornholm

Both Clever, E.ON, OK, Spirii and True Driver have installed public charging stations on Bornholm. For the charging you’ll need an app or a charging card (RFID).

Choose from both slow, fast and rapid chargers with up to 300 kW DC. More charging stations are to come – we will update both overview map and address list of the chargers continually.

Map: Public EV charging stations on Bornholm

Clever E.ON OK Spirii True Driver

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