Folkemødet – your event place and accommodation at Hotel Allinge during the People’s Meeting

Every year in Mid June, Bornholm and the town of Alling host the Danish Democracy festival Folkemødet. Hotel Allinge is located in the center of Allinge and very close to the Folkemøde area. A perfect place for dining, events, meetings and much more. See more about this further down this page.

Please note: We do not have any available rooms during Folkemødet – but we have a suggestion for where you might be able to find available accommodation during Folkemødet on Bornholm. See link further down.

Do you want to book a room for your event during Folkemødet?

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Folkemødet: Events/arrangements at Hotel Allinge

Are you interested in holding your event or arrangement in connection with the Folkemødet at a central location?

Hotel Allinge has two restaurants, a courtyard and other facilities that can be used for events, meetings/arrangements and much more during the People’s Meeting.

You can make reservations for breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner or other events during the day/evening.

Send us your inquiry by mail: info@hotelallinge.dk</a >

Accommodation during the People’s Meeting at Hotel Allinge

Please note: Hotel Allinge is fully booked during the Folkemødet, and we therefore have no available rooms for the next couple of years.

If you need a place to stay during the Folkemødet, you can try any of the options that Destination Bornholm mentions on their list of Folkemødet accommodation options on Bornholm

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Experiences on Bornholm during the Folkemødet

If you need a little break from the many different debates, discussions, lectures and features during the Folkemødet – then take a trip outside Allinge.

Here on Northern Bornholm, you will find a lot of experience opportunities within a very short distance.

We have created a page where you can get inspiration for various experiences here on the island, aside to the Folkemødet.

Get inspiration here

Get inspiration for other events on Bornholm

If you want to visit other events on Bornholm, you could take a look at this page.

Here we have collected a few suggestions for exciting events and arrangements.

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